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masterFix autolayout not correct for different sized sidesJon Nordby5 years
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2016-06-16Fix autolayout not correct for different sized sidesHEADmasterJon Nordby1-10/+10
2016-06-16o Usage documentation!Trygve Laugstøl1-1/+46
2016-06-16o Improved layout of the views. Not ideal yet.Trygve Laugstøl1-2/+17
2016-06-15o Cleaning up UI, adding button to apply thickness to all sides.Trygve Laugstøl3-304/+213
2016-06-15o Improved widget layout in dock.Trygve Laugstøl4-78/+165
2016-06-15o Reusing the same instance of the dock widget. Controlling visibility instea...Trygve Laugstøl1-5/+10
2016-06-15o Not showing the 2d views after generation.Trygve Laugstøl1-10/+7
2016-06-15o Replacing non-working cross section generation with Shape2DViews instead, m...Trygve Laugstøl1-27/+40
2016-06-15o Adding some installation instructions.Trygve Laugstøl1-0/+12
2016-06-14o Working code for disabling sides. Polish required.Trygve Laugstøl6-223/+249