Contributing to the REST Wiki

The sources for this wiki comes from a Git repository with a bunch of Markdown files. There are many ways to contribute:

  1. Create an issue describing what you would like to have improved. Create a new issue.
  2. Edit the content in you local clone and create a pull request Create a pull request.
  3. Just click "Edit" on any page.

Building locally

You don't need to do this to contribute, but sometimes it is useful to preview your changes

$ git clone
$ ./
$ gnome-open ../rest-wiki-html/index.html

If you just want to check the Markdown layout of a single page, it might be easier to just use tools like markdown:

$ markdown index.mdwn > index.html
$ gnome-open index.html

If you want to rebuild it with the same theme as used at the published site, clone the theme first:

$ cd ..
$ git clone
$ cd rest-wiki
$ ./

Note that for this to work you need to view the generated site through a HTTP hosted site so that all references to Bootstrap and JQuery are properly resolved.