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* Add an OpenSearch document to the root page so that people can add
the site as an search engine.
+# Document features
+* Automatic paging
+* Inline display of images (```<img>``` style)
+* CR(U)D features
+# Extra services
+Having a set of services that shows off what a generic client can do
+would be useful to show the eneric power of hypermedia.
+* An 'unroller/pager' service
+ Given any c+j list and a wanted page size (possibly unlimited), walk
+ all 'next' links and create a new list.
+ Useful as 1) a way to show that generic formats can lead to generic
+ tools. The explorer itself is one tool, this service would be
+ another.
+ It might be useful for tools that doesn't do paging natively, or
+ some third party want to ensure that the consumer is given a
+ specific chunk size of data. Example applications include mobile
+ phones, simple shell scripts etc.
+ TODO: Since there's no way to tell what kind of data each link will
+ give strictly speaking all links has to be rewritten to point back
+ to the service. This might be very unefficient so make it possible
+ to give a set of relations and/or names that it will automatically
+ redirect through the service and leave the rest alone.
+* 'atomizer' service
+ It's too bad that C+J doesn't have a way to identify 'id' or 'last
+ updated' fields, but it's always possible name fields that work as
+ 'id' or 'published'/'updated'. Given this it's possible to rewrite
+ any c+j collection to atom (and some more perhaps).
+* Generator
+ Create a service that takes a single collection and follows a set of
+ links/queries from the collection/each item and creates a new set.
+* Filter/selector/projection/map
+ Take a collection and run a JS-expression on the code, return those
+ who doesn't evaluate to false.
+* Reduce
+ Given a collection + JS function, reduce the entire collection to a
+ single item.
+## Example usage
+# List of all events for an organization
+Github doesn't have a way to get a single feed for a
+user/organization. The list for a repository contains commits, issue
+and other stuff.
+ 1. Find all repositories for an organization/user
+ 1. for each repo, select all commits
+ 1. Merge by commit date
+ 1. (create atom feed)
+Similar for all issues.